Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 I love this picture. Confusion on Colby's face & pure joy on Tyler's. I love the way Tyler loves Colby...
 The excitement builds early in the morning. We rush around gathering clothes, finding shoes, packing snacks and lunch. I threaten too many times that the plan will be aborted if they don't follow directions. As we pull away from the takeout window with a hot steamy coffee and a couple of bagels, the radio goes up and we settle in. This is our adventure day, Thursday.

A weekly day off from school (a bonus of afternoon kindergarten) falls perfectly after Wednesday, the day I work and arrive home well after they fall asleep. The more I am away, the more I crave everything about them. Their hair, their laughs, their smiles, their hugs. I don't invite anyone to join us - unusual for me, but oh so needed. I need them to myself. And as we zoom down the highway to the next destination, I am so content. All my babies with me, an adventure in itself.

I am so lucky.

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