Thursday, January 5, 2012

To My In-Laws

 Dear Grandma, Pop-Pop and the rest,
Living away is tough. We always traded updates and stories. You always knew exactly what was going on. You are long overdue for an update. Ill pretend Im sitting at your table sharing cold cuts and fill you in....
Ella's tooth is growing in and she is so proud. She insists on changing into sweatpants and a t-shirt as soon as she gets home from school. She loves taking her own showers now and she's reading more and more words everyday.
Drew's top two teeth are loose. He is eating constantly and I fear that means he is growing more - why can't they stay little forever?! When I volunteer in their class he is a little bit of a class clown, can you believe it?!
Tyler and Drew are quite inseparable. When he isn't with Drew, Tyler can usually be found behind a couch with a container of sprinkles..."Im doin NUTHIN!" His hair is getting long and I think we might keep it that way :)
Colby is a dancing machine. When he isn't dancing he is eating. He loves to hug and kiss everyone, especially if they are crying. Cue lots of fake crying.
Mike and I are doing well, but busy. Everyday seems packed, but we are together more than ever - a bonus! Mike's deal finally closed - whew! Good Riddance! And I have 2 real estate clients. Things are looking up.
We love you, miss you and talk about you all the time -


Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

I look at this blog a couple times a day as if it were a window into your house.... It makes me so happy to see smiles and hear good news!! Mass seems,like the perfect place for trekking with dogs and kids. We cannot wait to come and see you all!! I want to let you know that seeing you guys so happy and in your element takes the sting out of you living far for us... We know its best and we are always rooting for you....drew a class clown? No way!!! We talk about you all the time and think of you if we hear footsteps on the stairs.... Enjoy and love love love you so much!!! Uncle Dave misses everyone but he tells me,he,especially misses his conversations with his sister in law...he says you Lauren,feel like his real sister....isnt that the truth!! Big brother I so proud of you and your family!! Love aunt melis

Nonnie said...

When I read this blog . . . it reminded me that not too long ago, I too, was looking for a smiling face, some funny news, anything that told me all was well in their little world. I know how difficult it is to be away from this amazing family and always just hope that all is well.

All is great here! Really. I don't always respond to the blog like before, because I seem to live it every day. I know how much Mike misses home, and even the kids . . . they talk about New Jersey, Grandma and PopPop, their cousins, and always about the dogs and Auntie Melissa and Uncle Dave!!

I hope you will come and stay with us for a few days. We could have so much fun . .. and you can see for yourself that Drew is the clown in the family, Ella is the animal caretaker, Ty is the hurricane that runs thru the house and keeps us all laughing and loving him more and more every day. Oh . . and the cute one. Well, what can I say? I only get 100 kisses and hugs a day . . I'm working on more. Please come. The door is open and so is all our hearts. Miss you.

Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

We are planning on coming up by the month of March.... hopefully we will see you before St. Patrick's Day:) I see that things are so good up in Mass... and there is no substitute in the world for your own mother and her interaction with Grandchildren...I know it so well:) I wish you the best in the New Year and plan on painting Boston red when we come up:)!!!! xxxooo Love and Kisses from New Jersey!