Thursday, January 12, 2012

On My Mind...

 :: We are missing a 3rd Birthday in New Jersey this weekend. I hate that, mostly because I love Birthdays. I love celebrating a life, I do, especially one as cute as this guy. And the Dargans always have fun when we get together :)
:: I've worked 6 days in a row now. Luckily not for many hours each day, but I've had to leave them and they know it. I have such mixed feelings about working...but then again, who doesn't?!

:: I laced 3 pairs of skates today and everyone (but Colby) smiled for one hour straight. It was one of those "Im so lucky because my kids are so awesome" moments.

:: The two boys got hurt at the rink, after they got off the ice...why does that feel so typical for us?!

:: We are approaching a major clean up around here. The mess seems to happen so suddenly. My father is calling the Health Department on my car, Im afraid a kid will get lost in the pile of laundry, and there are toys scattered everywhere...

:: There are cousins coming this weekend and the excitement is nearly palpable!

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