Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mini Escape

The stars aligned (in the form of generous gifts & cheap groupons) and we headed out on our own little winter break. A 45 minute drive found us at a hotel with an indoor water park. We pulled in 15 minutes before the pool closed for the night and the kids ran into the water as fast as they could. For the next 20 hours or so, our little family of 6 laughed, swam, cuddled, and swam some more.  Ella remembered that she is part fish and begged us to race her down the water slide again and again. Drew sulked for awhile after the life guard kicked him out of the hot tub. Tyler karate chopped every wave in the wave pool and his little shadow, Colby, mimicked his every move. We only saw one other family during our stay - it felt like our pool!!
Ty's smile says it all :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tucked In

My heels clicked clacked across the floor tonight when I got home from work. I knew they had long been tucked in and the last good nights had already been said. But I go to them anyway.

I buttoned up Tyler's old man style PJ shirt and pull his favorite spot blanket up to his chin. I move his hockey gloves to the side knowing he will be wearing them to the breakfast table. I straighten Drew out so his long gangly leg is back on the bed. As I pull up the blankets he grinds his teeth making my skin crawl. Then I smile as I take the new bag of socks out of his arms. This kid knows how to protect his stuff!

Up the stairs, I turn off Ella's radio that surely served up bad pop music to lull them to sleep. I push 10 or 20 stuffed animals to the side, smooth her curls away from her face, and tuck her favorite blanket around her little body. And the smallest is last, although these days he looks bigger and bigger in his crib. I remove the books and animals and gently extract a car from under Colby's back. He sighs a sleepy sigh as I touch his cheek and whisper goodnight.

Back at It

As Mike and I were driving this weekend, we happened upon the subject of this here little blog. We both admitted that we sometimes log on and randomly chose a date from the sidebar. It amazes both of us how much we can forget about our own kids. But by just reading a little snip it here and there, we are brought right back to that moment and we remember.

I have a back log of BIG MOMENTS and events that I want to write down and loads of pictures to share. But really, I need to just settle back into the routine of the writing the little things. The cute little quirks and funny little habits that are left behind so much quicker than we ever imagined.

Without further ado...

* Tyler can spell Colby's name, for the sole purpose of teasing him. "C-O-L-B-Y is a stinky baby!!"

* When Ella asks a question she often has a British accent - strange and so funny!

* Drew had us turning the house upside down looking for his homework. Finally we gave up & emailed the teacher that he completed it, but lost it. She responded that he handed it in a day early :)

* Colby can't stop dancing. Especially to Gangham Style. He performs at soccer games, for family and by himself in his crib at bedtime.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Mid January?!

There is only one place to go when the temps hit 60 degrees in fact, the car steered its way East all by itself. There is something about rising over the top of the dunes and catching the first glimpse of the Atlantic that gets me every time. I'm guessing my kids get the same feeling because they run like the Dickens up the path and always pause at the peak before launching themselves down into the sand. 
 Rock throwing never gets old. The weight of the rock, the graceful arch, the satisfying plop and splash. They quietly go about their work, often in perfect sync. I watch, but while they are busy and quiet, my mind gets a chance to wander as it tends to do by the shore. Or I busy myself taking too many photos, as I did today. Who am I kidding? Who can have too many photos of kids at the beach?

 I had every intention of following the vets recommendation to keep Gunner on a short leash following his elbow surgery. But who am I to deny such pleasure? Gunner experienced what so many of us can attest to - indulging has its benefits, but too often we suffer for it later! If he could talk tonight (or walk, lol) Im sure he would say it was worth it.
 We finished up down the block at the General Store. No ice cream in January (yes, they just lost a customer) but penny candy collected in a sand pail turned out to be a great ending to our adventure.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kickin It

Ella loves soccer. She talks about it all week and packs her gear days in advance. Although her game isn't until 1 PM, she is dressed, shin pads and all, by 9 AM. Her tiny feet move so quickly through the drills  as her face beams with the praise from the high school student assistants. She bumps up against girls twice her size with only the occasional wince. She is proud of herself every time she plays,
 and that is all that matters. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Little Brothers

Who Me?! 

A story for the books blog....

It was finally the day for Ella's Birthday Party. Postponed a week due to a stinky virus, she could hardly stand the wait. 6 of her best girl friends came over for gingerbread houses, a dance party and some good ol' crafting. Drew and Tyler received several pre-party lectures. They could participate, if they did so nicely. Promises were made. 

The party was going along great - crafts a success and dancing in the dark basement with light sticks to all the worst pop music little girls could only dream about. Next, time for cake and ice cream. The girls were gathered around the table chatting about gymnastics and Santa letters when suddenly a little pig tailed cutie shrieked! 

"I ate dog food!!! AHHHHHH!!" She ran spitting and gagging to the garbage. 

The table erupted! Girls were yelling and running everywhere! "There is dog food on my cupcake too!!" 

Sure enough there was one piece of brown dog food nestled into each of the chocolate frosted cupcakes. 

Guess who was the culprit? 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

 (can you guess who is on the naughty list?)

Christmas 2012 - I love how our season starts at Thanksgiving and like a snowball gathers steam and momentum all the way to Christmas. We celebrated our 3 birthdays with 3 different parties and traveled down to NJ for Pop Pops 70th Birthday. There were class parties and tree hunting trips and lots of help wrapping and crafting.
 It was a Christmas with letters to Santa - several drafts! Ella asked for stuffed animals and art supplies and then less than a week before Christmas pulled a list out of her hat (literally!) on Santa's lap. This list had items never mentioned before and sent me on a scramble through the stores...lesson learned! Drew's list had Shoe Horns, sports equipment, and Pokemon books. Tylers list had sports figures, and everything else that Drew had :) Colby wanted a Blue Ball from Santa and he yelled it out loud and proud anytime Santa's name was mentioned.
 It was a Christmas season that found Ella, Drew and Colby sick on the couch one at a time throughout the month. It was heartbreaking to reschedule Birthday parties and cancel holiday activities planned for weeks. On the bright side, we settled into home. We crafted so many gifts and the kids wrapped almost every gift we gave. It opened up conversations about giving and how good it really feels.

Christmas Eve at Uncle Johnny's was the party it always is. The kids were so excited to tip toe over ice to jump into the Hot Tub. Sitting around the big table and looking at all the faces of the people we love was the best. Christmas Day was fun, and busy, and quiet and exactly as it should be.  It was a great Christmas, as it always is.

(and there is more to come...New Jersey, we are coming!!)