Monday, June 18, 2007

Budding Vocabulary

It dawned on me that since this Blog is as close to a baby book E&D are going to get, I should be recording some milestone type stuff. So, here is a list of their current words. I think their vocab is also a nice look into what is important to them now...
Mama, Dada, D (drew), Ella, Caca, Nonnie, Gramma, Unc, Hi, bye-bye, ball, bubble, boo-boo, apple, up, no, more, Elmo, wooof, baa, yeah, shoe, duck, eye, hat

Mama, Dada, Ella, Caca, Nonnie, Gramma, Unc, hi, bye-bye, ball, boo-boo, up, no, more, cheese, Elmo, car, ya-ya(motorcycle), park, yeah, shoe, sock, woof, baa, fish, duck

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