Monday, June 4, 2007

What's Drew up to now?

Drew is the master of keeping himself busy. I have memories of my brother Matt playing with his GI Joe men for hours in the corner of the living room - I think this is where Drew is heading. Not quite at the GI Joe level though, so what does Drew do to keep busy? Today he was searching in the pantry until he found two small jars of tomato paste. Then he went to the coffee table and put them on it, took them off, stacked them, scraped them along the side, rolled them, etc. A little while later I found him whisking the bars of his crib with my kitchen whisk. Next he walked up and down the hallway dragging one of his belts. Finally he got a hold of the vacuum cleaner attachments and was having a grand old time until he began whacking Ella in the head with them. At that point I had to intervene.

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