Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nonna's Visit

Well, Nonna blew into town to help with E&D's 18 month doctor's appointment. Thank goodness, because the appointment would be impossible without her. The appointment went well, although Drew overheard the Dr mentioning the side effects of one immunization and true to form, developed a fever for a few days after. So, Ella really benefited from Nonna's visit, as she got to go the park while Drew stayed in the AC. Ella and Drew are so in love with Nonna and her silly ways. Who else will read the same book 378 times in 3 days? Who else thinks it is sooo funny when you put all your food on your head? And then even funnier when you mash the food into your hair?! Who else will pick up your stuff when you defiantly throw it? Who else cleans the kitchen...oops, that's why I love her.
Although Nonna has returned to golf, real estate and Caca, we still think of her often. Both babies woke up this morning asking for her. Drew put his eggs in his hair and waited for the laughter (it never came). I put dishes in the sink and they are still there. Oh, Nonna...come back!!!

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