Monday, June 4, 2007

Ella for Mayor

Ella loves to say "Hi." She says it in a variety of tones from an expressionless "hi, hi, hi, hi" as she wanders around the house to an overexcited valley girl-type "Hiiiiiyaaaa" if she finds you in another room. While driving last weekend Mike and I answered her "Hi's" for about 20 minutes to keep her busy. Well, now she has taken to saying to hi to people we pass on the sidewalk. We see a lot of people on the sidewalk. Sometimes I feel bad for her because she often says it after passing the person - so, no response. In that case I usually respond to her. Ella has also decided to great each person in the park with an exuberant "Hi!" The best part is she says hello to everyone after we have been in the park for a good hour!

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