Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Weekly List #2

Top Ten Rituals (for lack of a better word)
These are things that they do EVERYtime or pretty close to it...

1. Hand me their pacifiers at end of sleeping
2. Wave Bye-Bye to the tub whenever they are in the bathroom
3. Throw their sippy cups to the floor and say uh-oh about 10x per meal
4. Wildly rub their hands on their tray throwing food everywhere to signal all done
5. Give kisses when getting up from eating
6. Ella points to her knees and says "boo-boo" when changing her diaper
7. Gathering shoes and hat (any combo) and rushing to the door saying "bye, bye"
8. Putting their shoes into their room upon returning home and clapping
9. Diving onto Mike anytime he lays on the floor
10. Immediately look under the stroller when we arrive at the park to see what toys I packed

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