Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Year AND a Half

18 months

Well, my little babies are 1.5 today. They are getting so big, so smart, so funny, and so fast. I looked forward to this age as one where they would be talking more and in general just doing more things. That is certainly true. Words now include: cracker, o's, car, ya-ya (motercycle), Bye-bye-bah (park and tub), nonna, caca (papa and pop-pop), Unc, sissa (Melissa), bubble, Yeah!, No, D for Drew, ball, beep-beep, and a bunch more. Drew is trying to say it all and will repeat just about anything by saying "ahh-ahh." They use their sign language less, but still use the help sign after yelling "MAMA" to get my attention. Drew is profficient with the fork and loves to practice. He uses it as a distraction when he doesn't like the meal. Ella holds her fork in one hand while shoveling the food in her mouth with the other.
Ella loves to throw her food and she demonstrates some natural abilities in her throw. She also loves the rocking horse these days and rides all the time. She does not like it when Drew rides...or touches anything else she has deemed hers. He has such an easy going manner, that he usually hands over whatever she wants, but we are trying to teach her otherwise. Drew has a new toy motorcycle he likes, he also loves his Noah's Ark set, books, and climbing. He is my shadow and loves to stick close by, he even learned to open the bathroom door!
We celebrated the half year mark with a trip to the zoo. They absolutly loved it. We will become regulars, especially since on Tuesday afternoons it is free! They loved the goats and screamed "Baa" at them. They also liked the penguins, wolf, and horses. They "woof-woofed" at anything with fur or hair including elk, bison, cows, kangaroos, lamas, and bobcats. The peacocks roam freely and they got a big kick out of those.
And Happy Birthday to Mike!! and cousin Luke!!
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