Thursday, July 5, 2007

Big Day in NYC

On Tuesday morning we braved the public transportation system and went into NYC for the day. Twice a week Madison Sq Park has kids concerts that run all summer. This week was Hot Peas N Carrots, an apparently well known group featured on Jacks Big Music Show and Nickelodeon (2 things we don't watch). There were probably about 150 kids there and the weather was perfect. Ella and Drew danced a little, but they were more interested in watching the crowd. After the show we went in to see Mike at work - conveniently located adjacent to the park! Mike had a great time showing off E&D. Unfortunately it was already approaching nap and lunch time, so they (Ella) were a little cranky. As each person approached Ella and said "Hi" in there nicest baby tones, she looked at them, whined "Bye-bye" and dug her head into my shoulder. She was a big hit!! Next we went out for dumplings with a few friends, I went into a few fun stores, and waited for them to sleep in the stroller. They lasted awhile until finally dozing off. I headed back to the park to relax on a bench and wait for Mike to get out of work, an early day. On the way home we stopped for an early dinner in an outside cafe, one last stop at our favorite playground, and then home to bed. The entire family was passed out before 8:30!

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