Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dank Ooouuuu

If you have been keeping tabs on us, you may know by now that when Ella learns a new "trick" she really puts it into practice. Her newest is saying Thank you, or "Dank Ooouuuuu!" I need to get a video of this because her facial expression is funnier than the pronunciation. When she gets to the "ooouu" part she scrunches her face into a sort of fishy face and squints her eyes. Well, she got such a reaction at the lake, that she tries this out on everyone. She says Thank you to Drew when she gives him her leftovers, she says thank you to herself when she sneezes, she says thank you after me to the cars that let us cross, she says thank you for no reason as she marches around the house. She cracks me up!

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