Friday, July 13, 2007

Year and a Half + one month!

19 month Photo Shoot
Friday the 13th marks 19 months for Ella and Drew. People have always asked me if it is hard having twins. This marks the first month were I say, "YES!!" My answer has always been, it is not hard it just takes more time to do everything. But, boy things are a changing. Ella and Drew are like mini brother and sister in the typical sense. They love each other, kiss, hug, look for each other, etc. But, they also fight. The actual words aren't there yet, but in their own way they are constantly saying "She's touching me!" "That's mine!" etc. They fight over wanting the same cup, who will turn the pages in the book, sitting on my lap...the list goes on. In the stroller they are scratching and grabbing each other. Most of the day I am pulling my hair out! Our strategy has been that unless someone is getting hurt, then they have to work it out on their own. This usually results in lots of tears.

They are becoming more adventurous and more physical. They are so brave at the playground, climbing to new heights and trying new things. They can climb on and off the couches now. They are also expanding their vocabulary to include: please, cheese, and peas (which all sound exactly the same), car, pop-pop (Drew), cat, Melissa, seat, and shoot. They also started watching about 15-20 min of tv a few times a week. They like Sesame St, aka Elmo, and another show that has lots of music. Ella truly enjoys the tv, but Drew gets very frustrated. When they sing a song he loves it, but as soon as the song ends he asks for more. When the characters don't do as he asks, he gets a little crazy! He stomps in front of the tv repeating "mo-ah, mo-ah" getting increasingly upset. Once they start another song he relaxes and dances until the song is over and the whole scene repeats.

We are off to the "Break on the Lake: Virta Style" for a week, pictures and stories to come.

The pictures above were taken by a friend in a mock photo shoot. They have a super nice camera and the quality really shows.

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