Friday, July 6, 2007

Weekly List # 6

Lessons Learned at the Mall

1. Maybe a side-by-side stroller wasn't such a good idea - picture eye gauging, food stealing, pinching, etc.
2. If you want to look at twins, please don't stand in front of the stroller - At this point Im not as fascinated as you and I would like to move!
3. Snacks and plenty of them keep everyone happy
4. Don't assume that the mall playground won't be filled with very rambunctious 6 yr olds that will trample your toddlers.
5. When the mall playground is crazy, letting the kids run wild through the hallways is not a good alternative!
6. Drew learned that stores are surrounded by see through glass - not run through glass - ouch!
7. When my kids are running wild, do not attempt to wrangle Ella - she does not appreciate strangers touching her, and neither do I.
8. Trying on clothes is easy with a stash of matchbox cars
9. Don't leave the stroller too close to the clothes, they will end up on the floor.
10. Next time leave the kids at home with Dad and go shopping on the weekend!!

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