Thursday, July 12, 2007

Weekly List # 7

How they made me Laugh this Week
1. Drew sitting like a soldier for his haircut while Ella looked on screaming for him
2. Painting each others arms at Art in the Park
3. Ella going head first down a big covered slide
4. Drew getting mad when the squirrels disappear and looking at me as if I can make them return just because he asks for "Mooha"
5. Drew saying "Yeahhh!" to almost any question: Is Ella crazy? Do you love Mama?
6. Ella playing peek-a-boo with her plate
7. Ella getting my attention and then just laughing
8. Giving each other raspberries
9. Looking for each other's belly buttons
10. Drew holding Ella by her diaper while she tries to crawl away
11. Ella discovering the big difference between her and Drew...use your imagination!

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