Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Drumroll please....

Ella: To do everything herself and to do it perfectly. To take care of her brothers. To overhear every conversation and then retell it perfectly to everyone she meets. To be the cutest thing around.

Drew: To avoid doing anything himself. To try and speed up...well, everything. To ride his bike without training wheels. To carry small items everywhere he goes without losing them. To be the cutest thing around.

Tyler: To stop wearing diapers and to start sleeping in a big bed. To continue to keep up with Ella and Drew. To take his comedy routine on the road - to relatives houses. To be the cutest thing around.

Me: Im going to get a little deeper this year.

1:: Simplify. Keep my eye on the ball. If it isn't necessary, fun or somehow enriching our lives - why do it?

2:: Be kind. Go out of my way each day to make someone else's day better. Write letters, share cookies, give a phone call.

3:: Make more, buy less. Save more, spend less.

4:: Explore - outside, in books, myself.


Hools said...

Pretty picture LV!

Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

Your my role model..i love you