Monday, January 4, 2010

Review Resolutions

Im pretty pleased with our resolutions from last year - how did you do on yours?

A little in depth review:

Tyler: accomplished his goal of keeping up the with big kids...and then some! Of course he stopped nursing and he sleeps until 7AM, although the last hour is usually in our bed. He grew lots of hair, requiring 2 haircuts! And now he plays with tracks and towers a bit before he smashes - well done, Tyler!

Drew: is amazing on his bike, tolerates Tyler beautifully, and has a few new favorite movies. He has also learned to use a big boy voice to get Ella to bother him less. Best of all he made an awesome transition to preschool. Nice work, Buddy!

Ella: also loving her bike and still dotes on her stuffed animals. Still wearing a pull-up to bed, but goes to bed MUCH earlier - thank goodness. Daddy is tightly wound around her finger and she is also thriving in preschool - woo hoo Ella!!

Me: I found a great preschool just around the corner, and I manage to leave them there twice a week. I think I read more than 12 books, and loved so many of them! I didn't take a class in anything. I started babysitting and made enough money to finance our little adventures and some extra treats. House cleaner and neater? A little progress I think. No moving to Mass, yet. We shared lots of laughs and plenty of hugs, we may have even slowed down a little.

It was a great year and Im thankful for so much, especially the awesome family I shared it with.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's reveal of our new resolutions!! Go 2010!!

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