Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I think we all made pretty good progress on last years resolutions. Even Tyler learned to love the pacifier!! Here are a few for this year...

Tyler: To get as fast as the big kids. To stop that last pesky AM nursing AND sleep until 7 AM. To grow hair. To smash every block tower and demolish every train track.

Drew: Learn to ride his bike. Figure out a way to keep Tyler from wrecking the train tracks. Watch every Disney movie without the lower lip trembling during the sad parts. Learn to let Ella bother me less. Go to a class without mommy.

Ella: Learn to ride her bike. Take care of every stuffed animal. Go to sleep before 10 PM. Wear underwear to bed. Wrap daddy even tighter around my finger. Go to a class without mommy.

Me: Figure out what to do about pre-school. Help the kids be more independent, leave them at that class! Read 12 books. Take a class in something. Make some money, somehow. Keep the house cleaner and neater. Figure out a plan to move to Mass. Share more laughs and more hugs everyday. Slow down.

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