Friday, January 2, 2009

My Dad

My Dad is shaping up to be quite an awesome Grandfather, not that I am surprised. He enjoys all his grandkids so much and is willing to do anything with them. He loves to shop for them, cook for them, play with them, and read to them. He is so awesome at showing them the world, from lawnmowers to bird feeders to hot cocoa at Starbucks. 

 At the Boston Children's Museum he was right there with the kids, figuring things out and using the teaching moments like a pro. He jumped right into the Barber chair and let the kids cut his hair with a big smile, while we joked about lice. 

I am so excited to watch the relationships grow. I think the kids are so lucky to have a grandfather like my dad - I know because I was lucky to have him as my dad. He has a perfect mix of having fun and teaching important lessons. Lessons like respect, honesty, hard work, and doing the "right thing." 

I love to watch him give in to the kids. Ella has claimed his chair and he smiles about it. He helps Drew in the bathroom and getting dressed. He plays stamps and playdoh. Maybe the ultimate, he lets them call him "Caca" even though they can clearly say "p's" now. Heck, he even calls himself Caca on occasion. 

His patience is unending and there is love oozing out of his pores. Thanks for being awesome, Caca! 

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Anonymous said...

Lauren - I LOVE that pic of Drew with "Caca" on the couch, imitating his arm slung over the side. Too precious! I can't wait for my dad to have these experiences! Hope your holidays were fantastic.