Thursday, January 22, 2009

National Museum of History

Last week we went into "New Yuck City" to go to the Museum of Natural History. We met up with my old friend and roommate Beth. The museum is so big, with so many fun things to explore. We were able to cover the North American and Asian animals as well as the Dinosaur bones. The kids were excited the whole time and eager to explore. Beth and I were a little overwhelmed at times with the massive amounts of school groups. Geesh, kids are noisy and we were so surpirsed at the teachers' attitudes - not in a good way. Next time we are going to investigate the space exhibits.
Beth made quite an impression on Ella. Since last week Ella has been talking about her often. Every time we pass a park Ella says, "Mommy, maybe when it is springtime we can go to that park with Beth." Maybe Ella will inspire Beth and I to make plans more often. Maybe a monthly meeting at the museum - what do you say Betty?


Beth said...

I'm there! Would love to come visit too!

Dargan Twins said...

Anytime my friend :)