Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ms. Mature

Im not sure which day it was, but Ella woke up one morning as a 30 yr old. She is so funny, especially if you could see her nodding her head, shrugging her shoulders, and holding her palms up for emphasis. Some recent quotes...

"You can say Hi to me, because you know me. Im your friend. Don't be scared." - to her teacher at the play gym

"You can give Sam some water if you want. He could have some, sure." - to her friend's mom when Sam asked for water

"You didn't come to the Diner because you hurt your knee. But you are going to be a OK. Don't worry, you can come next week" - her greeting to her bewildered Pop-Pop who just chose to sleep in.

"Of course I/you can!" - her response to 80% of the questions asked of her

"I don't want a little bit. I want a lot."

"Ok Drew, climb into your car seat Big Boy!"

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