Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo Booth

We had so much fun playing with the photo booth application on my new Mac. The kids loved it, we all couldn't stop laughing, and I think the pics came out pretty cute!


Matt Virta said...

missing you guys lots.

Thanks so much for the Starbucks really does not take much to get me tremendouusly excited for a little treat. I can't wait until I'm next in Concord.

I think Ella is on a growth spurt or change-spurt or something...she looks different from picture to picture (I was scrolling back as I missed a few posts).

Gotta see you all soon -

Love uncle Matt

Dargan Twins said...

Maybe it is her hair! It never looks the same twice :)
Enjoy Starbucks, wish I could have met you at one for a coffee and a chat instead of just sending you the card. Love ya!