Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just the Beginning

It is part of being a woman. Some love it, most hate it. I never knew a teenage girl who didn't struggle with it. I can hear the complaints, whining, and tears now.


It is difficult to describe Ella's hair. I am shocked that she doesn't have my hair, especially since mine is exactly like my mothers. Some say it is from Aunt Melissa. Wherever it came from, it is here, in a big way!

Not quite curly and not quite straight. Thin, fine, frizzy, and growing slower than you can imagine. I love it in pigtails and I love to braid it, but I can't do that all day and those styles don't survive naps or playing rough with her brothers. It usually looks better if I don't comb it, but I can't let her go out without having her hair combed!! Most times Im taking pictures in the afternoon, when it is au natural and straight from a nap. So, her toddlerhood has been recorded complete with her crazy hair.

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