Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Boy

I didn't sleep last night, and as I tossed and turned it occurred to me that I was up all night, the same night, 3 years ago. 3 Years ago today my little guy went in for surgery. He was exactly a month old. Barely 7 pounds. It was not a dangerous or life threatening procedure (pyloric stenosis), but my beautiful new baby was going under anesthesia and being operated on. The night before was the hardest night of my life. My little guy screamed all night, as hungry as he could be. You can't explain to a 1 month old that you can't eat before surgery, or you can't eat because you will then vomit the food clear across the room. I held him. I sang. I cried. I prayed. Everything turned out fine and he is as healthy as can be today. But I will never forget that night. I will tell him the story - that his dad and his uncle Joe passed on this crazy medical phenomena. That he was such a fighter and so tough, fighting IVs and pushing away nurses. That I started singing our special song that night..."So we're OK, we're fine. Baby, Im here to stop your crying..." Indigo Girls.

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