Friday, January 30, 2009

How to Scare a Grandma

Tyler has had a fever for a few days. It seems my kids have inherited the "if any virus approaches us, we will fight it with high fevers" gene. Drew once topped out at 105 for 2 days straight. We have been to the ER a few times for blood, urine, and various other tests. Not recommended. So anyway he has had a fever, but then after lunch his lips turned blue. Im talking very dark blue/purple as if he had sucked on a grape popsicle and then a black crayon. His hands and feet were cold, the rest of his body burning hot, but he was breathing, eating, walking fine. I called the Dr's office, they were all on lunch. I called a nurse friend, she made me nervous and told me to either go to the Dr or the ER now. I finally got the Dr's office and they told me to come immediatley. Now I was panicked. I called Mike and started to cry. I was imagining all the tests they would run on my little guy. So I called my Mother in Law and this is what she heard through my tears, fast talking, and what she says is a Boston accent (although no one else can hear it!):

"Hi, It's Lauren. Tyler...blah, blah, blah....lips blue....blah, blah....tests....blah, blah....can you come watch Ella and Drew?"

Needless to say she was here in about 15 min. She is awesome.

Tyler is fine. They did hook him to an oxygen monitor in the office and everything checked out fine. Just a virus.

My Mother in Law is still recovering :)

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