Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3 Little Monkeys

Since kids change so quickly -who are they right now?
Ella is a story teller. She recaps every experience from going to the bathroom to the super bowl party. She will tell you all about it regardless of whether or not you were there, or if she told you all the details 15 min ago. She also tells fascinating fictional stories about her puppies and princesses. Many times her characters are sick, encounter stores that are closed, and end the story by waking daddy up. Some start with "once upon a time" and end with "happily ever after." I love when she says, "and at that point..." These days you can find her caring for her puppies, hoarding small objects in her canvas bag, or building towers.

Drew is off fighting the mean guys. His weapons of choice are drumsticks, vacuum attachments, and play kitchen utensils. He may also be seen wielding his magic wand or his magical mirror. He loves to jump off the couch into his bean bag chairs. He can walk around the house or play on the couch for hours at a time - "getting the mean guys." He loves to show off his tricks and will announce himself first with a dramatic and very loud, "Ladies and boys, Boys and Girls! Watch this special trick!" Tricks may include running fast, balancing something on the end of a stick, singing a song, etc. Drew is the king of dichotomy, asserting his Independence one minute and crying for help for a long ago mastered task the next. He also gives the best hugs and kisses.

Tyler T, is a...well, he is....ah, how can you describe Tyler? He is in the middle of everything. He is running, climbing and my favorite the backwards tackle. If he sees one of us sitting or laying on the floor he runs over, spins around, and backs into us. Then he turns to jelly, rolling and laughing until you fall down too. He loves books, cars, and our castle toy. Tyler gives the absolute best hugs. He also screams louder than any human recorded on earth, ever. Sometimes after a scream he puts his finger to his lips and says "shhh." Very adventuresome, he will walk run or climb anywhere, never even glancing back to see if I am following.


Jason A said...

Tyler and Nathan should have a scream-off. I swear if he went any higher only dogs would hear. Attempts at teaching him "inside voice" are so far not working well, though he's probably wondering why the neighbors sleep all day long!

Dargan Twins said...

There is nothing worse - especially at dinner time! If you come up with any tricks let me know :)