Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nana's 92

Nana Vera is 92 today, yes, as in years!
I have had this post in my head all day, but I was heading up to bed thinking about writing it tomorrow, when I realized that Nana is not in bed. She is in Foxwoods sitting at a 25 cent slot machine in all her glory. If she can do it, I can do it.
At some point of everyday I get a knot in my stomach wishing I could be with my Nana. She lives in the house she was born in, 92 years ago, but now she lives alone. Her entire life that house was filled with family, but now she drinks her tea alone in the kitchen I love. I would love to stop in - even though each stop in requires at least an hour as she brings various items out for your inspection. She knows where everything came from and how much it cost, even if it is 80 years old.
The funny thing is that most days if you stopped in she probably wouldn't be there. She loves to go "out galavanting." Whether to Foxwoods a few times a month, out to lunch, or even accompanying a friend to the beauty salon - Nana loves to go. She is the definition of a people person. Loves to chat and learn all there is to learn about a person. She isn't afraid to ask questions, and she isn't afraid to repeat the answers to anyone who will listen.
Im curious to know what she thinks the big lessons in life are...Ill ask her this weekend at her party. There are a few lessons I have learned from observation:
1. Go out. Go anywhere. Experience life.
2. Honor your family, but don't be afraid to offer cheap shots about their weight or cooking.
3. Keep a clean house.
4. Talk to people and listen to what they say.

Ella, Drew, and Tyler may not get to spend time with Nana, at least not as much as I would like them to, but they will know her.

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