Thursday, February 19, 2009

What are you talking about?

We think our kids are the funniest on the planet.
Even though I know all parents say that, and it is cheesy, I still really believe it.

My mother was chatting with the kids and after they told her a story she exclaimed, "Get out!!"
Drew replied, "Get out?!!" in this crazy half growl, half high pitched scream because he didn't understand why she would say that.

While at the diner a waitress said to Ella, "You are just the cutest little girl!"
Ella replied, "Yes I am."

Ella believes in the power of the people. Example, I say, "Ella you can't pick your nose because it is yucky."
She responds, "No mommy. PEOPLE can pick their nose because they have boogies!"
Next example: Me, "No more cookies, we will have dinner soon." She replies adamantly, "Momma, people do eat more cookies because they love them!"

After putting my hair in a ponytail, Drew commented, "You look like a different mommy. A better mommy!"

Drew was using the potty and Ella was waiting for him to finish so that they could resume their game. I overheard from the bathroom. "Drew, just do the poopies faster. You can do it. It's ok, Drew, you can do it."

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