Thursday, February 26, 2009

School Lessons

We went to visit a preschool yesterday and learned a few things.

After seeing the classrooms, I learned that my house isn't nearly as cluttered as I thought it was. (I know, not a good sign).

Hopefully, the staff learned that it isn't a good idea to put the snack out before saying goodbye to your guests and not offering any to them. (little chocolate donuts and Apple juice, if you know Ella, you know those snacks are like winning the lottery)

I thought the lessons ended there, but later Ella shared a lesson of her own. When we were discussing cleaning up toys before dinner, Ella began saying, "Its not fair that people clean their toys." I had never heard anyone in our house use the term, "it is not fair" so I asker her where she learned it. She replied, in that little matter of fact manner that she has, "I learned it in school today."


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