Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

So many things take on new meaning when you are raising kids. A simple holiday is one of those things. Sure it is fun to make and give Valentines. The cupcakes and cookies are yummy treats. But there is a hidden message that I am trying to send.
Celebrate life.

Valentines Day has become a holiday that people love to hate. They feel pressure to buy gifts and to be romantic. Maybe it highlights the difficulty of being single. It isn't fair to men. It is a holiday that Hallmark made up. Instead of enjoying the day or even ignoring the day, people are spending energy HATING the day. It makes no sense to me. I want to send a different message to my kids.

Celebrate each day.

Valentines is a day to celebrate each other. To celebrate the idea of love. To enjoy. As every day should be. A day you will never get back. A day that adds together with all the other days to make your life. Is it a happy one filled with love and celebrations? Only you decide...not Hallmark.

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