Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why Not?

It was 12:30 AM as we pulled onto my parents street. The kids (and I) had been asleep for hours as we made the trek "home" for the weekend. It had been almost 2 months since our last visit, and we were all needing a fix. Suddenly we heard a little voice from the backseat:

"We're here!"

It is as if Drew sensed we were nearing one of his favorite places in the world.

So, what to do when you arrive at your Nonnie and Caca's house in the middle of the night? Sneak quietly through a dark house and go to bed? No, no that just wouldn't do. Not after 2 months. Not when you love the inhabitants of this fun house so very much.

You might as well play dress up, because isn't that what all 3 yr olds do until 2 in the morning?!

Oh, and don't be fooled by his absence in the pictures, Tyler was playing right along with them!!

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