Thursday, February 19, 2009

Uncle Daryl

Uncle Daryl has a special touch with newborns. He carried and held Ella for hours as a baby.

Maybe he was whispering subliminal messages while she was sleeping, like, "you will like me. you will like me."

Most likely Ella was just able to sense and absorb his gentle kindness and genuine interest in her. And that has stayed with her. I have a feeling it will for years to come.

Recently she has named several of her puppies, and a plastic phone, "Uncle Daryl." She takes them for walks and tells them stories in her bed.

This past weekend she shot this photo all by herself. Then she asked to stay over his house - quickly changing her mind when she learned that Uncle Daryl does not in fact serve Munchkin donuts for breakfast.

I hope the recent events will overshadow that brief period when Ella refused to look at Uncle Daryl and would cry when he entered the room!!

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