Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Wear my Sunglasses

Some toys just stick around. These glasses are a staple around here, they even survived the move. They all take turns wearing them, even though there are other pairs in other colors. Right now they are Tyler's obsessions.

That was Ella at about 10 months. With the pictures lined up like that, they look more alike than usual. Same head shape, nose, and smile. Same cuteness.

I mean, who doesn't love red sunglasses?


Liz said...


Where did you get the castle, you mentioned a few posts ago?(ok, maybe a few months ago.) Or what was the name of it? I would love to get something like it for my nephew.



Monkey Business said...

Hi my Lizzie-Tish!! I hope you and your little muffin are surviving the winter - almost spring :)
It is the Melissa and Doug wooden castle found here
My mother found one at a Marshalls in Mass for my niece and I found this one at the Marshalls here in NJ for $60. A real bargain. The smaller one looks nice too, for less money. Although they love it, I don't think it is worth the $100. There is a plastic one at target that looks like fun as well. Good Luck!