Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nie Nie

You may notice this button was added to my sidebar. It links to Nie Nie's site. It is an extraordinary blog of an amazing woman with a beautiful family. Just after I started reading her blog her and her husband were in a plane crash. They survived, but Nie Nie has suffered major burns among other injuries. She just started writing again and continues to be a positive, witty, and loving person. Check out some of her older posts to get to know her.

A good spot to visit when you are looking for a little perspective.


The Wagner Family said...

I was on her blog for a while yesterday. I could not stop thinking of her and her family all day. You can really feel the love she has for her husband and kids.

Dargan Twins said...

Their romance with each other, their kids and life are addicting. Im glad you liked it.