Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daily Doings

* Tyler scooted up and around a 20 foot indoor climbing structure at the kiddie gym where we take a class. I squeezed myself into the tunnels and across bridges to make sure he didn't get hurt or stuck - but he did it all solo. Drew led the way, "Watch me Tylie!" Although he managed to accomplish this amazing feat, walking across the floor proved more dangerous. While putting our shoes on he tried running and slammed his forehead into the cement floor. Ouch. 

* "Excuse me mommy. What time is it?" Ella asked, as if she has a concept of time. When I answered 10, she replied with a nod and an "Oh." 

* Ella overheard me talking about Tyler's bruise on his head. She said, "Mommy, does Tyler have a boo-boo?" I said yes. She replied, "Oh, that is so weird." 

* After Tyler smashed the upteenth tower in a row, Drew turned to me and said, "Mommy, Tyler is not too good at this game." 

*We had a big watercolor session lasting over an hour that produced lots of paintings. Both Ella and Drew chose to paint in only one color each, Blue for Drew and Brown for Ella. Which painter was it that went through this? I just remember hearing it was his _____ period. 


Anonymous said...

Picasso had a blue period.


Dargan Twins said...

Thanks!! I hope we keep all of our ears on :)

Anonymous said...

That was actually Van Gogh who chopped of his ear...but he was pretty "blue" too. :P Your kids all seem perfectly happy and well adjusted so I'm sure all appendages will stay firmly attached.


Dargan Twins said...

Oh geesh, I need to use google before I start spouting cultural references!! Naomi, wait until this baby comes and you totally loose your mind! I heard it comes back sometime after they go to college :)