Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Learning Lessons

I am surprised every day at how much they learn, but Im also surprised at how much Im learning. We hear a lot of "I can do it myself" but we also hear "Mommy, help me!" Finding the balance between independence and staying close, holding onto them and letting them grow, is tough for all of us. Sometimes I force myself to push them a little so that they can develop independence. Sometimes I do it for them because it is faster and easier. Sometimes I help because I love them and hate to see them struggle. I consider myself to be uber-independent and I hope that they will be too. But, I also am learning, through them, that it is ok to ask for help. It feels good to work together.
This picture though is one of my new favorite smiles - the "Im so proud of myself" smile. Im proud too.

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Anonymous said...

all is good until Tyler comes barreling in and demolishes all the towers .... lol