Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Dear Drew,
We joke that you waited a whopping 13 minutes after Ella was born so that you could stretch in the newfound space and enjoy some much needed quiet! If only we knew then how fitting that would be of your personality.

You are awesome and amazing. You are brave and kind. It is amazing that after 3 years of being teased and tortured by your sister, you have never retaliated. I absolutely love how gentle and sensitive you are. You have looked after Tyler and loved him in an amazing, sweet way since the day he was born. You two share a special bond that I hope will continue forever. 

Although many new experiences initially cause you to worry, you approach everything from a new class to the dentist with a quiet bravery. I am so proud of you in these moments. I love it when you retell the story and I can see your pride on your face. I especially love your face when you try to hide a smile - the twinkle in your eyes gives it away every time! 

You love to entertain us with music, dancing, and a daily assortment of tricks that are announced with a "Hey Mom!! Look at this!"  You will work on something over and over until you get it right.  I love to watch you playing away with two random objects, like a flashlight and a vacuum hose - you are so creative. 

You have so many fooled, as family and strangers alike call you "the quiet one." If only they could see you rocking it out on your guitar or asking me a million questions. It delights me that you save this side of you for those that you love the most. 

Drew, you are a super special guy and I am so happy that you chose us. 
I love you, Mom. 

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The Wagner Family said...

So cute...I can't believe they are already 3!