Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Post Meal Bliss

After all 3 little maniacs eat there is a brief period of time where all is well. Specifically, there is no yelling and screaming... and the kids are pretty quiet too! They all get up from the table, bellies full and hands clean, and find a toy. Usually they separate, and there is so little noise, it almost feels wrong. 
 Right now Drew has a drum stick and a dish towel wrapped around his head. He is waving the stick around and making a "tssshhk" sound. I have no idea what he is doing, but I wouldn't dare interrupt him to ask. Ella is adding animals to her canvas bag that perpetually hangs on my dining room chair. Her beloved Jackson dog is on the bottom and she regularly delivers friends to him. Tyler is walking around with the grandma doll from the dollhouse in his mouth. Im sure it isn't safe and he could choke or knock out a tooth or something, but did I mention that everyone is happy?
And here I sit, belly full, hands clean and surrounded by love. 

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