Monday, December 8, 2008

Sum it Up

How can you sum up a fabulous pre-birthday weekend? Bullets.

*The Boston Childrens Museum was a fun, not-crowded, clean walk down memory lane. Many a field trip was spent here and it is as fun as I remember it. Best of all was that we caught up with my college chum Elyse and her 2 kids. Padraig was born 2 days after Tyler and they hit it off immediately.

*My parents and their house are a fantasy land for my kids. Nonnie and Caca delight in spoiling them with attention from reading books to playing in the yard. Their patience is unending and they find a way to make everything fun. Ella, Drew and Tyler literally light up as soon as they enter the house. It is amazing for me to watch my normally clingy kids disappear for hours with my parents and ask for them over Mike and I. One highlight is watching my dad help Drew do pee-pee. They can even make that special!

*The Birthday Bash, Whew, the Birthday Bash! There were about 40 people there! What an event, with faces we haven't seen in forever coming to celebrate my kids. My mother outdid herself, yet again. She decorated and cooked up a storm to make the perfect afternoon. To top it all off we collected almost 30 toys to donate to Toys for Tots. Success.

*First Snow. Ok, they have seen snow, but living in a city, we have never actually played in snow. We were all pleasantly surprised when the snow began Sunday morning. It was the best kind of snow, sticking to the trees to create a winter wonderland. Also perfect for snowmen and snowballs. Ella and Drew loved it! We played with my brother, niece, nephew and parents. It was awesome. Ella asked me this morning if Uncle Matt could come over to play in the snow.

I love being "home" at my parents house and I am absolutely thrilled that my kids love it...and much as I do.

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