Monday, December 1, 2008


We all know the old saying, "kids are like sponges." Ella, Drew too, but mostly Ella, takes this to a whole new level. She hears everything, remembers most things, and tries to repeat a lot. Im learning that so many things just sound wrong out of a little blond cherub face. From this weekend: 

"Mac and cheese is gross."  - apparently I say gross. Who knew? She said this phrase about a gazillion times. By the way, both of us love mac and cheese. 

"Holy Mah-cah-rollie!" - Mike says Holy Mackerel when the kids show him something. 

"Oh God! Look at those Christmas decorations." - Grandma says "Oh God" a lot. In a really strong NJ accent. It is funny and even funnier when Ella mimicked her while driving in the car. 

"I want more milk, I SAID" - not something Im proud of, but I do say this when repeating myself for the 100th time to the kids. Now, after hearing it from my daughter, I fully realize how yucky of a phrase it is. Im stopping. 

"You are my meatball, Tylie." - My dad calls Ella a meatball. I love that she understands it as a term of endearment. 

ps. still no camera cord. I think I need to order a replacement. 

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