Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Girl

Happy Birthday to my most special girl!
Three years ago I met my beautiful, tiny little girl. It is hard to believe that the little baby being wheeled away in an incubator is now a curly haired ball of fire. My life changed the day you were born, I changed and I will be forever grateful.

This past year you have grown so much. You have always been a little spit fire, but this year you decided to share this side of you with everyone else! No longer do you cringe at strangers who come too close, oh no! Now you are yelling across stores and walking up to new people to introduce yourself and ask their name. You even danced into the night, loving your audience, at Mike and Shauna's wedding.

You have a big personality squeezed into that tiny little body - it oozes out of you, noticeable even in your walk. You like to be silly and you like to tease, but you also love to be kind and take care of others. You give the best hugs and kisses - squeezing and squishing with all of your might. I love your independence and your blossoming leadership qualities. I can already see you organizing friends into games and giving the boys in high school a run for their money! But, let's be patient, my Ella Bella, there is plenty of time for that later, much later.

You are never far from my side and I see so much of myself in you. You are an amazing mimic! Im grateful for my walking, talking mirror as you are teaching me to be a better person every day. I imagine you will be teaching me lessons for years to come, and Im as eager to learn as you are.

You love your stuffed animals, your daddy, and music. You love books and are beginning to memorize enough of them that you now read to Drew and Tyler. You crack us up with your crazy dance moves and your original songs. You are simply the best and we couldn't be prouder. Thanks for being you.
Love always, Mom

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