Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This is Horrible

Ella is trying out a new phrase.

Yesterday while driving in the car she and Drew were going at it. After several attempts to quiet them down and to stop grabbing at each other, Ella was showing no signs of stopping, while Drew played the helpless victim. So, my last ditch effort was to announce that I would pull over and put her in a corner. I suppose this is somewhat of a parenting cliche, usually reserved for fathers on road trips, but in the moment it was all I could think of. Yes, she called my bluff and I pulled over. As I was pulling into a parking spot she said,

"Oh, mommy this is horrible."

Today Ella was not being a nice sister to poor Tyler. After a break on the step she returned to play and quickly noticed that Tyler had 2 of the toys she so desperatly wanted. As she went to grab them from his hands I reminded her to be nice. She followed him around fighting back the tears, as she asked nicely and tried to trade. Finally, between tears, she said,

"This is just horrible."

Both times I couldn't help but laugh.


Matt Virta said...

okay . . .here comes Nonnie . . . all the "horrible" things she thinks and says and does . . .Here is "nonnie's " Ella (don't forget . . . I DID cut the cord! and she couldn't be more perfect . . . ) I am sending my pictures . . .. .

Dargan Twins said...

Mom, is that your comment? Or is it Matt? I am so confused!! What are you trying to say?! Lesson - don't mix cough medicine and wine!!