Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tyler Turns One

Dear Tyler,
Happy Birthday my little guy! This year has flown by faster than I ever imagined possible. Granted, the first 6 months weren't easy, you sure gave us a run for our money! But I have fallen for you in a way I never planned. I simply can't get enough of you.

You have been completely enamoured with your big brother and sister from the moment you met them. I love how you watch them, follow them, and laugh at them. As soon as you could crawl you would clamor over to them and tackle them. Now you give them giant hugs and big wet sloppy kisses. You also topple their towers, pull their hair, and rip their books - but they don't mind - they have fallen in love with you just like the rest of us.

I love your determination, bravery, and sheer will. Of course you often use it for evil as in splashing in the toilet, falling down the stairs, and wreaking havoc in the bath tub - but you also learned to walk a month ago, taught yourself how to go backwards down stairs, and entertain all at the playground by flying down the biggest slides head first. Did I mention you do it all with a huge smile?!

I should apologize now for all you have and will suffer by being the third child. You have cried more, slept less, and been dragged all over the tri-state area more than Ella and Drew ever were. You have eaten junk food and watched tv. You have eaten god-knows-what off the floor and gone too many days without a bath. I tell myself that these injustices will make you more resilient and independent - lets hope Im right!

I love how snuggly you are and the way you smile at the people you love. I love your curiosity. I love you.

You have done amazing things this year and I can't wait to see more - well, maybe I can. You are growing a bit too fast for me!

I love being a part of your life. Keep being awesome, keep being you.

Happy Birthday my little guy - love always Mom.

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