Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Scattered Thoughts

It seems my mind has still not recovered from the rush of birthday week, Christmas and the wedding. I must be getting old, because I keep telling myself that I wasn't THAT busy or had THAT much to do...but anyway. As a result, today's post is a little piece of my scattered and tired brain...

* Last night Tyler walked passed the tv as a little Chinese cartoon girl was saying "Me How!" As his brother did before him, Tyler has the gift of perfect impersonation. He has been saying "me How!" all night and day. The accent is dead on and it is quite funny!

* Ella received a little baby tiger for Christmas that responds to your touch by purring and other noises. It freaks me out. It sounds exactly like Gizmo from the gremlin movie.

* Mike came home early yesterday, surprising us all! I took the opportunity to disappear upstairs, until Mike came to find me. It seems the children had settled in at the neighbors house well past their bedtime and he needed help getting them home. I walked in to find them snuggled on the couch under large blankets with fresh baked cookies and milk - watching their favorite tv show. How do you break up that scene?!

* We are going to my parents house this afternoon. There is nothing I look forward to more.

Happy New Year! Ill be back next week to review last year's resolutions and with a list of new ones for 2010!

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