Thursday, December 3, 2009

Puzzle Proud

When was the last time you were so proud of one of your accomplishments? I mean really proud, Puzzle Proud?

Ella and Drew have been working on puzzles several times a day. Sometimes with teamwork, sometimes going solo, but always so proud. They ask me to leave the room and then call me back when they are done, yelling "surprise!!" Their faces beam and they look a little taller. They are so proud. Puzzle proud.

I guess as we get older we shy away from challenges, or don't encounter them so much, or maybe we just don't stop to recognize our own little victories. Did you make a tasty dinner last night? Did you get all the beds made? Did you stop and take a moment to care for someone else? Im sure there are more moments where we can accept a challenge only to be rewarded with Puzzle Pride.

It just feels so good.


Nonnie said...

I raised the most amazing girl . . .daughter . . . wife . . . mother . . . and caring adult that I know. I am sitting here tonight feeling "puzzle proud". Thank you for being my daughter and my friend and making me so PROUD. I love you.

Monkey Business said...

Ah, shucks mom! Love you too!