Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ice Time

Can you feel the excitement?

So, trying new things is pretty fun to talk about, but doing them is a little tricky for the folks around these parts. There was a lot of talk about "you wait by the window and wave to me while I skate by myself, ok mom?" before we went skating. Once we were actually getting in the car the talk turned to "I don't like ice skating! I want to go home!"
Through almost four years of these nervous nellies, Mike and I know to just push on with the plan and act like we are so excited - despite our internal dialogue of "what are we getting ourselves and them into?!"

But like everything else we do, they loved it! "Can you believe how fast I was?!"

They have asked me everyday since if we can go ice skating again.

Ahh, the sweet taste of accomplishment.

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