Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Ella Bells!

Happy Birthday my best girl!
I tuck you in at night and marvel at the long curls swirled on your pillow, the tiny fingers tucked under your chin, and the splattering of freckles across your nose. You have come a long way from the teeny little baby all swaddled up in my arms.

You seem bigger than your body, the cute little body that it is. Your smile is big, your voice is big, and your moods are big! You love to sing and dance, tell stories, and run the show. You are quick to put things were they belong and tell everyone the rules. Sometimes that little twinkle in your eye turns mischievous as you tease your brothers and insist on your way.

Most days you can be found playing with animals and dolls. Your new love is puzzles and you are so proud when you are done. At the playground you are a climbing machine and a swinging monkey.

You started swim lessons this year and I was completely blown away by your bravery. You were the teeniest one in the class, your life vest dwarfing your little body. You shook with fear and little tears rolled down you cheeks, but you climbed into the pool and into the instructors arms and turned into a mermaid. "Im a really good slimmer!" Soon you were into the deep end by yourself and having the time of your life.

In the Fall you marched off to school without a second thought. You shine in the classroom and are blossoming with the Independence it provides you. I can't believe you are the same little girl who would cling to me and hide your face wherever we went.

You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me proud, you make my heart swell. You make my world and our family awesome! We are so proud of you Ella!

Happy Birthday, my girl!

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Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

Ella, watching you grow into a "Big Girl" has been quite a great journey because you are now so brave and outgoing. Listening to you tell me stories is the greatest. You remind me of our grandmother Connie so much... It's the way you are truly interested in every conversation we have together, the way you carefully listen and understand what I say to you, the way you show love in such an amazing way... Ella, I can see you are destined for greatness!