Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Buddy Boy is 4!

Happy Birthday D-Man!
You take after your Daddy in so many ways, the biggest one for me is that it feels like an honor to know you - to be in your inner circle. Since you reserve some of your awesomeness for a select few, it makes you that much more special.

My boy, you are sensitive, in all the best ways. You cry harder than Ella when you accidently bump her off the couch. You share your most prized possessions with Tyler when he is upset. You worry that Nemo will never find his Daddy and bite your lip the entire movie. At the same time, you are a little man's man. You won't admit it when you're hurt, you tackle and push like a linebacker and you tuck your best smiles away under my favorite little smirk.

In this crazy house you find ways to do your own thing. The smaller the toy the better, much to my dismay when it is lost, but surprisingly you hold onto your treasures well. You can play behind the couch cushions all afternoon, making little boy "swoosh" noises and mumbling dialogue to some great adventure. Your always up for one of Ella's cock-a-mamie ideas and I swear she is grooming you to be the perfect husband.

My pal, you are not so quick to try new adventures, but you are getting more confident by the day. Dad and I struggle with how much to push you, but every time you respond by absoltely excelling at the task. Skating, you were terrified, but you are also excellent and 1/2 way around the rink you grew 2 inches with pride. The first day of school was rough, but every day since you march in with a smile and out with a grin. And then some days you are so brave it takes us by surprise and we wonder if we really know you at all!

You are the best, every mom should have a boy like you. I am so proud of you.
Happy Birthday Drew!


beecher said...

I love the last photo! It's so beautiful! He looks like such a big boy! Hope it was a wonderful birthday!

Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

Drew, there are so many great things about you, but one of my favorite things is to listen to you tell us the events of the day. You are so smart and observant!! When you visit 29 Valley, pop-pop, gramma, uncle dave and I always marvel at your knack for story telling:) You are loved so much! and... You Look very handsome in a tuxedo!!