Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Farm Fun

There is something about a farm that is just so fun. We love this one for it's animals, as well as it's fresh donuts inside their market! A nice woman gave the kids some carrot tops to feed the bunnies. They said we were the only ones to stop and feed the animals on this cold cloudy day. You can imagine the animals were very happy to see us, only making the experience more exciting.

Drew insisted on wearing his Santa hat as well as Reindeer antlers all week, bringing his Christmas cheer to the farm, grocery store, and library. Of course Tyler had to join in, the fire hat was a good choice - don't ya think? And yes, I have totally become that lady that lets her kids wear crazy stuff everywhere!

Tyler was especially excited by the bunnies. My stinking camera ran out of batteries before I could catch him saying, "Bunnies! Fun!!" But I got a giggle out of this little clip as it is.


kd said...

Adorable! I hope they go back every year to visit their favorite farm when they're in their twenties - like me! haha

Monkey Business said...

You'll have to fill us in on where you go! We are always up for a farm :) Maybe we will join you on next years pilgrimage!