Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Tyler T

At times it seems you arrived just last week, other times I can't remember a day without you. This past year your personality has grown much faster than the rest of you and we are all left laughing in its wake!

Feisty. Fierce. Funny. Simply put you are a mad man.

Snugly. Sweet. Silly. You are the cutest little thing around.

People say it all the time, there is just "something" about you. At 2 years old you are most definitely your own person. Not influenced by rules, social norms, or bribes - you march to your own drum. Unless of course you are doing exactly what Ella and Drew are doing. And that is you, my little monkey, a contradiction.

You absolutely adore your big brother and sister. Just being with them makes you happy. You love to hug, kiss and wrestle with them. Tyler, you are also suburb at driving them crazy. Sitting in their seats, crashing their towers and puzzles, and lets not forget pulling hair and biting! But like everyone else you meet, they can't help but love you anyway.

The words are coming fast and furious now (just like your temper). I love it when you say "I love you, mommy" as I close your door at night. And when asked your name you growl "Tyyy-lerrr!" A crowd pleaser every time!

You make our house and our family louder, crazier, and infinitely more fun. I am so proud of you. I love you buddy!

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Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

Tylie (as I like to call you) your mom is so right... there is just something about you that people just fall in love with. Since you were a little guy your personality has always charmed us all! When I think of you - in my mind I can see your warm, yet mischievous smile as you fall upon lap and hug me...I can see and feel your determination when an obstacle awaits you. There seems to be nothing that can stop you and thats what we all LOVE about you. Marching to your own beat is an understatement, watching you discover the world is a joy! I have a feeling the best is yet to come when it comes to Tyler T.